Restoring Justice

Support our efforts to impeach Biden and his cabinet to restore justice to our Republic.


Higgins Counter-Terrorism Center

November 2004 – Sept. 2005
Consultant Investigate terrorist threats using clandestine and unconventional methods; live tracking of terrorist suspects; collect, analyze and evaluate information and evidence concerning national security threats; support curriculum for counter- terrorism training; one project included the tracking of dirty bomb suspect Adnan el Shukrijuma which revealed his previously unknown connection to nuclear facility in Hamilton, Ontario


April 2004 -November 2004
Alexandria, VA Investigative Reporter Investigated and reported on government corruption and overreach, national security, and domestic and international terrorism; reports that attracted international attention included working undercover inside the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) and recovering documents and other evidence that led to warrants being issued for suspects linked to the operation; obtained Iraqi intelligence documents that revealed terrorist training and funding for use against the United States; reported evidence of a convicted Iranian drug trafficker’s involvement in smuggling Iranians into the United States; an expose and analysis of terrorist probing attacks

The National Republican Trust PAC

August 2008 -- Present
Washington DC Founder/Executive Director

Bluestem High School, Leon KS

March 2007 – June 2008
Head Football Coach, Substitute Teacher, Assistant Track and Field Coach

Insight Magazine

August 2002- April 2004
The Washington Times weekly magazine Washington DC Reporter Investigated and reported on government corruption and overreach, national security, and national and international issues. Groundbreaking articles included the status of nuclear weapons in North Korea; explication of fourth generation warfare; investigation and report on terrorism in the Caribbean, which caused the United Kingdom to issue a travel warning for the islands; the exposition of a PR intelligence operation against a US defense contractor that, according to the Department of Defense, exposed a PRC agent operating in the US; undercover investigation revealed a defense contractor subverting US technology regulation by moving operations to the PRC

American Investigator

September 1996 - May 2002
Television Newsmagazine Washington DC Correspondent/Chief Correspondent Page 2 A monthly television newsmagazine featuring insightful interviews and investigations of government corruption and overreach, national security and fast- breaking stories of national and international scope. Duties included writing, producing and reporting of news packages requiring extensive investigation, confrontational interviews and under-cover work; supervising two producers, one additional correspondent and technical crew.