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An Important Message from Scott Wheeler

author, producer, former investigative journalist, and GOP Trust  Executive Director 

Yesterday on the Sean Hannity Radio Show former investigative journalist and National Republican Trust PAC  director, Scott Wheeler, dropped two bombshells regarding the Russia election hacking story.

Here is a link to the audio segment where Wheeler exposes the massive deception and the real culprits who have sold out U.S. national security:

Our efforts to expose corruption and lies in the political class and especially in the Democrat Party and the mainstream media have come with a cost. You can help us continue to fight the corruption and cover up — indeed your support is what allowed us to do this and we need you now more than ever.

Without you we cannot bring facts to the American public; without you we cannot help honest Constitutional candidates win elections; WITHOUT YOU OUR COUNTRY WILL NOT SURVIVE!

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Yours in Liberty,

Scott L. Wheeler

Executive Director

P.S.  IT IS TIME TO TURN THE CAMERA ON DEMOCRAT MEDIA! We have a plan to expose members of the Washington Press Corps one at a time. We will produce short video documentaries on selected “journalists” and demand that they be replaced with real journalists.  Find out more about this project…

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